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Day 16 continued...

Scouting around sucked.
It was so swampy and gross.

We hunted all about and couldn’t find the trail.
It just disappeared.

I did see this pretty magenta thistle-type flower while I was walking around...

We went back to the main road and tried a deer path that we had seen and dismissed.

It didn’t seem promising at first...

Not really. But we kept on going.
Once we got around this tree, it was just overgrown and whooped out.
Lots of stumps and downed trees.



We could have kept thrashing our way through, but it was getting old.
Then Matt noticed another road above us.
Well, shit.

Because he had heard that this Lava Mountain section was so hard, BigWan had been looking for a trail that looked difficult.

It never dawned on us that this huge, wide main road was going to be the damn trail.

As larryboy so keenly stated, it's "hard to switch from trail mode to main road thinking..."
Especially in the Summer of Stupid.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

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