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The previous night I pull out the camera to take a picture and dropped it on the curb. Luckily this fine lady gave me a new one.

Even several bikes all the way over at Rapid City.

Nice side car at Walgreens. I didn’t get a good pic as I was talking bikes with the owners walking in.

A lot of 18 wheelers hanging around Rapid City waiting for loads out.

I think this was at the HD shop outside Rapid.

I was setting the camera on the tank bag sometimes. Must have hit the wrong button.

The gas pumps in St. Louis have those stupid vapor recovery systems. You don’t know how lucky you are to fuel without them.

A local giving some route info if I take the long way home through North Dakota.

Hills looking north past I-90

My dog Dakota will wake up in 2 seconds from a dead sleep in the truck if you say cow or she smells them. I guess she thinks they are big dogs.

STURGIS ride report.
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