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kit rally for xr 400

Originally Posted by kenaroo
Custom fabricated Rally fairing for the Honda XR650R Year 2000 to 2007

Unit is 3 piece a light weight fiberglass Fairing with a smooth gel coat finish.

Lighting is OEM KTM 950/990 adventure headlight.. NOT included (you must source)

Front fairing is a 3 layer built unit for strength
Side wings are 2 layer build up for weight savings . Specially overlaped on the tank to help protect from crashes, Cacti and branches that could damage the tank.

all units come with stainless steel bolt with nylon and stainless washer kits

Mounting braket options:
Weld on mounting tab.

Bolt on tab

Color options:
Unit to come in solid color Red to closely match tank.
Custom colors on request at an additional cost.

Here is the break down of price:
  • 3 piece fairing: $350
  • Sub frame for fairing $300
  • Frame bracket (to receive sub frame) options:
1. FREE: weld on mount: I'll supply drawings.. you fab and have welded to steering tube: I can also provide the weld on tab for $50 if you don't want to fab yourself but you need to have someone weld it on.


2. Bolt on frame mount $350 scotts under the bar forward post with sub frame mount
(this is a modified scotts forward mount post included in price) this unit has to be bolted to head tube and requires removal of forks and steering stem. requires drilling into the head tube.

here is all the parts and costs
  • KTM 990 Eruo head light $200 (you source) (used u.s. models can be picked up for $60 here on Advrider in parts for sale forum)
  • 3 piece fairing $350
  • sub frame $300
  • frame mount $50 -$350 (see options above)
So... if your considering this unit.. Your Total budget for this unit: $900-$1200 + shipping depending on frame mount..

If you have questions and want to talk to me on the phone. shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to discuss the unit, pricing and how to assemble.


Is it possible to ride the kit rally Which I have To me bikes honda xr 400 As in the photos with the use of tank acerbis sahara for xr 650

Forbidden four wheels
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