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Laugh Golden Girls

Originally Posted by LittleWan
Day 16 continued...

When we got to the Fleecer Ridge area, we ran into a pair of Quads.
The riders were older ladies wearing bright lipstick and polyester blouses.
No gear, no helmets. They waved and we waved back.

Matt said, “WTF?” and we laughed.
Really, that takes some of the adventure out of it...
You can’t even pretend that the CDT is hardcore when you run into the Golden Girls on the trail.

Well, it’s no wonder that Rose and Blanche were up here - it was beautiful!

Everywhere you look, meadows and mountains. And no people!
After Rose and Blanche, we didn't see another soul.

Isn't it stunning?!

Crap. We thought it was up this hill, but the sign says
“Open to foot and horse travel” and there’s a line through the motorcycle...

No, I don't know where that road goes, let's find out!
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