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June 10-13 The Whiskey Run.......... A 2 part-er

Each year Highbinder and Smokin’Joe set up a big ride for our fellow Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club …
This year was not different… This year’s destination was Bardstown, KY…

We headed out a day early (Thursday) as Highbinder (Don) thought if others are getting there early as well.. And Vrcc rep. should be there to greet them..

So we headed out early in the morning and on the way we picked up our neighbors .. And away we go…

Jackie decided that she would ride her Nighthawk 250….

We stayed on the US highways and only hit the super slab in Lexington, .Ky..
That NK was wide open… We kept her in the rocking chair (in between the 3 Valks) She did Great !! 304 miles one way... Riding with the big Valks...

A few of our buddies had showed up early as well.. So it was time to party at the pool…
Bandit (Don) & HotGlue(Mark)

Highbinder (Don) & Flamingo Babe (Charlyne)

ValkHound (Dana) brough stuff for making Banana splits… Ooo not that kind…

Oh I’m not going to tell you what’s in that bag ,But Bandit was guarding it well..

That evening Jackie was doused in celebration for her first long ride..
BTW that was ice water...

We all had a great time around the pool...
FenderMender (Charlie) Jackie's other half..

Friday morning we talked about what to do..

So a small group of us headed to check out Heaven Hill Distillery …
Heaven Hill has a nice old still set up inside of days gone by… Well no so fast…

Wow that’s a very nice display.. to rich for my pockets..

Once you take the tour then it’s off to the tasting room .. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about…

Hey is that a pink Dragon up there??

The area around Heaven Hill is kind of of cool…

The buildings in the back ground is where the whiskey/bourbon barrels are kept,
the area has a distinct smell about it.. SourMash !!

I liked this..

Don & I did a scouting ride for one route that he and Joe hadn't check in to yet ...For Saturdays group ride.
This way there was NO surprises. Beautiful countryside..

Back at the hotel for some more tire kicking ..
The rest of everyone showed up…

Hey lets go down town for a Ice Cream raid...
Oops no pix of that... Hmmm did it happen

But we did check out the Dinner Train..

I really liked this shot.. And so much I turned it in to a VRCC monthly calendar.

Then I spotted this sign ...Cool I did know we had a shop in KY.

Back to the pool for some parting time..

Bandit jump in.. we threw him a life ring..

That bag came back out ...Good to the last drop of them country squeezing...

That's all for now... Part 2 will be ready soon...
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