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Monolever Arm

I saw this R100RT monolever arm up for sale so I figured I'd see what could be done with it.

Here are a few shots that compare the parlever arm to the monolever.

The GS wheel fitted to the monolever arm. There's about a 20 mm gap betwen the hub and the final drive.

I did some measurements to get an idea of wheel travel limits with the monolever arm. In both the topped-out and bottomed-out case the limiting factor was the u-joint rubbing on the inside of the swingarm.

To get the drive shaft out of the swingarm I made up this spring compressor. The threaded parts extra long so it will work with longer swingarms.

Here's the compressor in action.

The u-joint was going bad so I'll need to replace it. I pressed the bearing caps out with this press, but I think just the screw of a bench vise would give enough force.

Once the bearing cap was pressed out as much as it could be I grabbed the end of it with a bench vise and hammered the yoke off it.

The disassembled arm and shaft.

I did this mock-up to see where things could go.

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