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Whiskey Run ..Part 2 ..

Saturday morning staging..

And of course some tire kicking.. Ya always like to see what someone else has done to their Valk..

We had 60 bikes but a few riders heard that big rains where coming, and some locals just stopped by to say Howdy ..

Pibit headed home to Can... To try and beat some heavy rain up his way..

So we now left with 54 bikes in all… Heading to Makers Mark Distillery.. Ah time for Dragon herding… Highbinder takes point..

Wow !! That is some line of riders… That's our buddy Smokin'Joe behind me..

The group stayed together very well.. Highbinder is an excellent Dragon herder… We had other CB's in the group that really helps to keep a group of Dragons together.. Our buddies Thom & Mike rode Drag.They are wayy in the back...

Once we got to Makers Mark and settled down.. The Tour will start..

They have a very cool place ..

Inside the main house ,they serve you Lemonade.
and have a few cool artifacts..
Like this : 1851 Colt Given by Frank James to Ora Samules

The phone does work..Hello Sarah get me -----.....

Just a few photos of the sites..

The old way to move the barrels..

OK now to start the tour...

It get a 122* in this building !! They call this Copper Magic..

Our tour Guide tell us how's and why's to make Whiskey

Once in side wow did smell goodd!!!

The size of the Mash Tub 11421.5 Gals !! WOW !

We did get to taste the mash... Yes for real we could stick our finger in it ... Tastes just like the start of yeast bread..

Joe was getting ready to dive in..

Don said I hope NO one saw Joe dive in..

Hey Joe you in there ?? You ok Buddy? Joe ?? I see bubbles...

A special bottle being dipped in wax..

Someone dropped a full bottle ... You should have seen just how fast the Dragon riders cleaned up the floor.

Now to go to the Tasting room... Yeah !!!!

Mike was happy they gave him 2 !!!

I didn't have the heart to tell him we all got 2...
Maker's Mark and Maker's Mark Mint.. Not bad and chocolate also !

Dana was enjoying himself...

Frog was really having a good time..Before....

After.. LOL...

Yes there was a very nice Gift Shop as well..
Some folks got to wax dip there own bottles..

With that finished it was time to take in a little country side ride and eat at the River Bend State Park.. The rain was holding off...

We saw KY Burly Tobacco..

Soybeans.. Hey I can just graze here...

This part of KY is flat..

Once we snaked our way to The state park...

Bandit knows what's under a kilt .. He told the ladies

At this point my cameras batteries died...

Once we ate we where to go to the Corvette museum ,but it was so bloody hot that we all scattered like a covey of quail and headed back to the hotel..

Once back to the hotel everyone jumped in the pool

We sure had a grand time.. With our old and new friends..
Bikes ~Good Friends~Whiskey~Pool .. It just doesn't get any better then that... Yes life is good.....

Here's a link to a few more pix...

The Whisky Run

Till next time....

P.S. They do NOT give you enough whiskey to be tipsy in any way....
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