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Originally Posted by Throttlemeister
Interesting you had trouble witht the Hydro Quebec workers up there, they all seemed very nice about slowing and moving over along the TT road. I'd just give them a little friendly wave or nod of the head.

I wonder if this was the guy you saw in the middle of nowhere along the TT road. He's a Frenchman who lives out in the bush in a primitvie camp for most of the year and studies the wolves of the Tiaga-

He works at Nouchimi Camp on occasion to help finance his wolf studies, totally funded by himself, very intersting character. Said he could live something like 6 months off nothing more than beans and rice Oh and you can get gas, you just have to pay extra if you are late Pay phone across the street to call for service.

Hope yougot to take LG2 Dam Tour, its free for driving all the way up there!

As you learned you got to watch out for the drunk Indians up at Jo's & Mike's Restaurant up at Radisson, I know what you dealt with
thanks for the reply. the total vehicle count for my ride on the TT was 20, and most were Hydro Quebec. they were driving that road very aggressivly, and i think that was normal for them. too fast, no chance to wave in either direction.

the guy i saw on the road is the guy in your photo. what a coincidence!

i didn't need fuel at Nouchimi either direction, i could have made Mirage or 381 with the fuel i had on board.

no tours for me this time. i've done the dam tour thing previously.

the Cree at the cafe was the only drunk native i saw in Radisson, a low incident rate compared to other places i've been in the north. there were a lot of people hanging around that deck, and i could have run over his sorry ass, but he had fallen backwards over the steps when i made my escape. i would have felt bad about the whole thing, but the locals were enjoying the show.
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