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Originally Posted by Ian B
What do you mean "sunny UK !". I lived there in the SW (Yeovil, Som) for the first 40 years of my life and it rained every bank holiday !!

Anyway, I have been thinking how best to tackle UK (and European) orders and whether to go through a third party (like Nippys) . At the moment, our Lynx fairings are sold direct by us to Europe, but there is no doubt that a small company like ours does loose sales volume by not being represented in the market that we are serving, whereas everyone knows TT in the BMW world.
One of the things that has worked well for us over here, is to offer a rebate of up to 20% to guy's who do informative write ups and post on various sites. When we did this at first, we were concerned that this would be like
" buying votes", but it really has worked very well, with guys being both accurate and honest about what they liked about the particular model of fairing and I'm pleased to say we very rarely get any negative comments.

So, we will certainly look at doing this on the first ones out. Of course, you guys have VAT to contend with as well. Not sure how that is collected on direct sales from here.

Anyway, I plan to be back in Yeovil to catch up with my folks this fall, so I might bring one or two with me !

Cheers Ian
Yep,thats the sunny UK Im talking about!
Anyway,just thought Id mention,I have friends living on a farm just outside Bridgewater (spent this weekend with them picking grapes) soooo,
if you do bring a couple of screens with you,perhaps we could meet up and work something out? (over a jar of cider maybe)I would be more than happy to write up a review for the various relevant forums.
I think your idea of using Nippy Norman as a distributor is a good one.I have had nothing but positive experiences whenever I have had dealings with him,and he is,as you probably already know, highly regarded amongst the chaps and chapettes over here (Europe that is!)
If you would like to hook up when you come over,maybe you could PM me,and I will PM my contact details back.
All the best, Jay
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