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I'm not a guy who has even ridden a motorcycle before in my life (no joke) but reading these long road trip reports have entertained me for awhile, so I figured I should finally register just so that I can comment on a few of the reports.

I'm someone who'd love to drive both the Dempster and the Dalton-even if it's by car-and yet this is the first time I had ever heard of either the James Bay Road or the Trans-Taiga. The scenery there looks great and it sounds like you've met a cornucopia of people and have had many great experiences.

It's also great that you could mention seeing a random person walking on a road that fits the definition of "the middle of nowhere" and a forum can not only guess correctly who it was, but mention his job. That is pretty tremendous.

I'll be interested in hearing your further stories on this great trip.
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