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Originally Posted by SonHomme
Anxiously awaiting an update.
Hmmmm... it's not good news.

You know how I said my personal trainers Ben & Jerry were helping me out in Moab? Well I fear they may be required in an even greater capacity over the next 6-8 weeks...

Yep, I've broken my foot (Team Manager Piglet is not amused, even though he always looks cheery):

It's a long story, which is probably worth a ride report thread of it's own... hell, I'm going to have plenty of time to put that together the next few weeks eh?

Still, looking on the bright side, using crutches these next few weeks will be great for upper body strength and respiratory fitness, right? And I'm going to have a huge right leg calf muscle which will be great for kickstarting the WR if the battery goes flat... oh, and sleeping out on the Rubicon trail at 7000ft with only a space blanket for warmth is great for , well, I dunno - but it will sure make the Dakar feel like a walk in the park now!

The downside, is that when I get back to the UK next week, not only will I not be able to drive (and my bike is currently 300 miles from my home), but I won't have any time to test it before it needs to ship to South America, in erm, approximately 8 weeks time - about the same time I get out of plaster.

Noone said it would be easy, but I didn't think it would be quite so hard to even get to the start! In fact the only thing worse than this, is for it to have happened in another few weeks time... at least I should be out of plaster and physically fit again for January 1st...

At least the bike is essentially ready to go now, but it would have been nice to have undertake some proper testing with the new mods prior to shipping, and perhaps play with the suspension etc too. Hey ho.

Seems like "" was appropriate after all!

More info, when I get off these pain meds!

Toot toot!

Jenny xx
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