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"But where will this most bitchin' gig he held!?!?!?"

One of several locations that got kicked around pretty seriously was Bend, Oregon.

It had all the riding needs covered in spades, but the problem was locating a venue that we could use.

And then the clouds of confusion and discomfort parted.............

"I send thee a man to show thou the wonders of the Church of Roostafari!"

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnd....... *poof*

It was so.

Wachs steps up and offer his place to host WetFest 2011:

Originally Posted by wachs
Brought the idea of hosting Wetfest here on our farm to my wife last night. We have 20 acres outside of Bend with plenty of space. We'd like to offer up the place if we can charge a little ($25 each) fee to cover our utilities. We have a big carport 30' X 48' so no matter what the weather, there's a great outdoor place to hang out. My studio is an old dairy barn separate from the house and has a rockin' stereo, also a fun place to party down. We can't see any of our neighbors and they can't hear whatever is going on here so noise is not an issue.

A pond is up the hill for swimming if it's hot and that is also a nice place to pitch a tent. Half of our place is green and has plenty of shade while the southern half is full-on desert. Obviously, there is a crap-load of riding, 2 miles up the road, the pavement ends and the asphalt into town is really fun too. 2 miles the opposite direction is the town of Tumalo with a decent Mexican food joint, Farmer Johns' for fresh fruit and veggies and of course, the famous Tumalo Feed Company which has a full bar.

Just a thought !

Originally Posted by wachs
We have a large utility room with shower, crapper and deep sink. It has it's own entrance and 24 hour use is not intrusive in any way. Our water comes from a well and the heater is propane which is stupid, inefficient and expensive but located right behind the shower so it gets hot instantly and is very difficult to not take a long one - .

Guys can pee freely behind any tree but if we need more bathroom options, yes, a blue room is easy to schedule.

We also have a good sized propane BBQ that I'd move into the carport for cooking as well as several tables.

Fire pit(s) are also easy, we have tons of wood if you don't mind juniper and lodgepole pine aromas.

I think there is some footage of the carport and shady/grassy lawn in that 'Get Lost Oregon' movie at the beginning of the film.

We'll handle all the refuse with a dump run after the event. This includes tires, tubes and oil if necessary.
And then:

Layout -

Originally Posted by wachs
There's a ton of cool shady tent spots to disperse and ridable tracks to them, as well as the big shade around the house, studio and carport buildings. The desert camping is dry, nice and sandy with early sunrises.

Can't begin to start mentioning FIRE too early. Always super careful with sparks if it's dry around here.

If you were to zoom out a mile or so - we're surrounded by all types of awesome day riding - on any machine of choice.
Well that about covered the venue.

A google maps link to wet yer whistler:

Tumalo, OR

So - I will edit the space below as needed if any additional details come to light.

EDIT 3/19:

Originally Posted by wachs View Post
We can't host anyone until friday but there is a super nice campground on the DesChutes River 2 miles down the road - Tumalo State Park. If anyone is interested in staying there for a night or two it would be prudent to make reservations NOW!

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