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EDIT: *Registration closed on Friday, September 2nd.*


The "IN" List.

Your name is below if you indicated you were in, or seemed likely. If you said you wern't sure or had to wait til it got closer to know, you ain't on the list. If I got that wrong - post it up.


I talked to dave on expenses, and we came up with a cost of $20 per head. If your name is red, I have not recieved registration payment. Green mean I got it. In the next day or two, I'll have the shirt order stuff up, and I'll have your ordered size next to your name when I get paid for that.

PayPal is: vboost dot 6000rpm @ gmail dot com (remove " dot " and replace with ".")

Please send as a personal gift so there is no fee taken out.

IN YOUR PAYPAL message - please let me know your screen and real name. I'll have shirt info in a day or two. If you want to wait to include shirt money, indicate size and preference (i.e. if we get a women's shirt or long sleeve). PM me if you are going to be a pain in my arse and want to send me a check.


We have room for 5-6 RV type deals. One or two might get a power cord stretched from the house, but I make no promises on that. We have 5 confirmed for a trailer spot. One more maybe. That mean's we're full. As I understand it, other options are the nearby State Park, or a friend of wachs' that lives about 6 miles away. I doubt it will come to that.

Here we go.

AceRph, CA XL
AngryScot, CA
Apple Jam, OR +1 L
asrvivor, OR XXL
B4450Paul, UNK XL - LS
beemerron, WA
Beerslayer, OR XL
Bobo1167, WA XL
Bonnie Abzug, CO

Brad21, OR XL
brauhausbier, OR
Calvin J,
CamoGreg, ID L
Cowgirl, BC M - Women's
Crossthread, ID XL
Dagwood, WA
danodemotoman XXL
dharmasister, BC

Dr Klaun, OR L
Drtyfun, WA L
DualSport650, OR XL
earwife, OR
earwig, OR XXL
Easy-Z, OR XL – LS
Elua Huila LS
eric n, OR
exwingnut, CA SS-XL LS-XL
Ezra, CA

Gerg, CA XXL
G-Funk, OR LS – XL
Gitana, WA 1x ladies
GoinPostal LS - XXL
grinns, WA
GSGuy wife, WA W - L
Hayduke, CO
Hdstd003 L

huzar, WA XL
ironmtnracing, WA XXL (RV)
Ironwood, WA.
joefromsf, CA
Johnny Dakar, CA L
Johnny Drunkard, WA
Jphrse, OR XL
knary, OR
knybanjo, SC XL
ks02, OR XL

kurtw, OR XL
LA Woman, CA M
linkweewee, OR XL
Longways, WA
LUUUUUUUuuuuukkee, OR
malagato, OR XL
Masterchief, WA L
Media, WA XL
Metal Worker, OR XL
mike54, CA 3XLT

mikerbritbiker, WA
Mista Vern, OR XXL
MortimerSickle, OR M – LS
MotoKat, ID
Motomuffin, OR XXL
Mr. Cob, WA
mtrcycllvr, OR XL
Mr. Fisherman, OR
mrazekan, OR XL
nimrod, TX

nomiles, CA L - LS
NoPoChicken, OR LL
NotBetty, CA
Oldmonkeybutt, OR LS - XXL
Oldmonkeybutt Wife, OR LS - XL
OR400, OR XL
Patrick46, OR L
PecosBill, OR XL
petefromberkley, CA

peterman, OR
Pint, Iraq/AK M
Porschenator, M
Radioman, OR
Reddog* XXL
richard cabesa, CA XL – LS
Road Rash, OR LG – LS
Rubber Cow, OR
s1marks, OR L - LS

Sasquatch, ID 5XL
scarysharkface, IN XL – LS
Senor Siesta, OR L
Slatz, NV LS - XXL
sopascat, CA
Steamer, CA XL – LS
Steve Lavigne, WA
Taco, OR
Tequila Girl, OR
therivermonster 3XL – LS

tony the tiger, WA XL - LS
Tour Pros, OR
Treadless, CA L
TTDave, WA 2XL
twisty sister, OR
Used2BeFast2, WA
Wibby, OR 3XL
Xymotic, WA

yzfcathy, AZ
zoomzu, WA L

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