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Sorry for the long delay...

The next morning we headed out on foot to find some breakfast.

I just think this is a cool shot

We came across this lady just around the corner from our hotel. I got a sandwich with a bunch of delicious unidentifiable things in it, and Aivars and Larisa got delicious unidentifiable things over rice.

At this point in our trip, we were far enough off of the beaten path that we were something of an oddity to the locals. I don't think many of us White Devils wander through this town. In the time it took the lady to assemble our Delicious Unidentifiables, a small crowd started to gather. Everyone wanted to have their chance to smile, wave, and say "Hello!". They are very fond of "Hello!"; at least half of the people we came across seemed delighted to show us their best "Hello!"

Larisa pointed the camera over her shoulder and snapped this

Then on the way back to the hotel we stopped by this lady's stand to buy three bananas, but accidentally bought the whole bunch. Oh well, the whole thing was something like 30 cents. We ate a lot of bananas that day.

Aivars and his breakfast stuff. It was some kind of chicken pate? with crushed peanuts? The most confusing part was some kind of garnish that was kind of a beige fuzzy stuff that was a little spicy. Maybe it was shredded ginger? If I had to describe it, I would say it looked like the pubic hair from a Swedish hamster.

Anybody have any ideas?

Left to right: Aivars (making a mental note to find smarter friends), our half of a banana tree, and me, showing off my impeccable manners.

Out on the road, it was a great day for riding. Warm weather, great meandering road that followed a river, gradually gaining elevation all the time.

We stopped to enjoy a couple knock-off Red Bulls.
From For advrider

From For advrider

Wow... It's almost 1 in the morning and I'm only half way through this post. I'll finish this one tomorrow because this turned out to be quite a day, I have much more to write.
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