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Originally Posted by jdrocks
the Cree aren't so polite in their choice of words...they would say "those f*****g dams".

There are the ones (Cree) that drink and rasie hell and then there are then the majority, the ones that help you out and want to visit and our genuinely good people just like you or I.

Reminds me of how Mexico gets a bad wrap and many people are scared to death to cross the border.

I do understand that the dams have changed many of their ways of older life but its done now, progress or natural destruction or whatever, Quebec should be at fault if anyone is to be blamed. Already amazing to see the change in the Rupert since I was there last year, sad to see something so mighty get cut down.

I went out to two communities on the James Bay and found lot more good people than bad, one of them had even developed their own hydro electric damn, although a little small, it is still of some benefit or it would not have been built.

There's always something, it never quits( that is until you die)

Not trying to hijack this great thread , great seeing more people posting about traveling up in the area, not near as much as people write about Alaskan North and the Canadian NW.
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