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Great Basin Heavenly Loops 2010

I just got back from 3 1/2 days of stellar riding in Nevada and Oregon. Disclaimer: Pictures don't do it justice. Get out there and see it for yourself.

The last two years for my fall ride we have hauled camping gear on the bikes and headed out from the Boise area to the Idaho, Oregon, Nevada high desert.

This year I wanted to haul my RV and bike to a central point and do day rides without all the extra weight. After a little detour to go into Burns to get an alternator belt for my tow rig, we made it to camp Wednesday afternoon with some time left to do a 80 mile loop.

Optima Red Top battery review: My alternator belt broke about 3/4 of a mile from my house. I remember hearing a tink noise and 100 miles down the road I found it was missing. (I finally remembered to go look for it today and it was laying right where I thought it would be) I noticed the volt meter was reading low, but it does that sometimes. The gauge is sticky. Anyway I barely made it to NAPA in Burns 142 miles later. And the first hour I was running the lights on the pickup and trailer. The voltage was so low the tach quit working about 6 miles from Burns and the engine started missing the last 2 miles. I kid you not, it died just as I pulled into NAPA. I am amazed it ran on the battery alone for that long. The battery is at least 6 years old. Good stuff. Anyway, back to the ride.

The players:
Myself on a DR650
WhiskeySierra (Bob) on a DRZ400S
Coolsen (Craig) on a DRZ400E with a fresh 435 big bore needing broke in.
DirtyWurty (Mark) on a DRZ400S
Desert Drifter (Darrel) on a DR650
All Suzuki's, weird. That never happens.

Our first stop a couple of miles from camp.

Thousand Creek Gorge

Craig on the left and Bob looking at ???

I like this picture with the clouds casting shadows over the valley. We lost Darrel here as he decided we were going too fast for him. (he is new to dirt) He didn't want to end up like this:

On the way to the crash site.

Back at camp we have the full moon coming up to the East.

And to the West we have the sunset.

It was a great warm up for the next three days.
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