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Originally Posted by pablo83
For the front, I'm tentatively planning on just adding a brace. Do you use one? If so, what brand and how do you like it?
Hope I'm not sticking my nose where it doesn't belong because I don't have a dr but,, The loose feeling in my experience on many klr's, sherpa, xl's etc has been almost completely solved with fork braces. the kdx is the only bike I've added a brace to and had it not improve much but its a pretty large fork tube and a lighter bike compared to the others. One thing I notice is if you turn the bars up to the steering stop and can push on the front of the front wheel with 1 finger and can get it to move more than about a half inch its almost emergency to get a brace on it. This is because as your in a rut or any uneven surface the front wheel will wander and that creates an unstalble feel and takes away your confidence. This is why on inverted forks they keep going larger on the fork tubes, IMHO adds rigidity, you cant put a brace on an inverted fork. Just my 2 cents,,

good luck Paul!
Ion H.
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