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Next morning, dirt roads and clear sky, going to Monticello.

But the clear skies didn't last for long.

We may be in luck, sky looks to be clearing up.

Allright, what we came here for. Even though the locals in Monticello advised us about the recent rains and flash floods, I was detirmened to press on.

Not sure which way to take. I was thinking I would get buried up to the panniers if I went to the left, so through the water we went.

Out with the tripod, end of the canyon.
I don't think Cheryl knew that a bike could go through that much water and rough stuff.

Clouds appear to be moving in.

The town of Winston, were some much needed food, water, fuel, and a Monster drink were purchased.

We take the 59 to the 61 were the clouds seem to be coming on with a vengeance.

Thunder storms a coming, wake up Cheryl.

Know on the Geranimo trail, the rain didn't let up. I wish we could have gotten more pics, because this trail was a mess, but with so much rain and only a paper map, we didn't know what we were in store for.

How exciting, are first water crossing. Water wasn't too deep, about a foot and half, but it was moving. We had 3 more water crossings, each one seem to get deeper. The trail had some heavy washouts through the recent storms. Like I said, I wish we could have gotten more pics. Didn't want to ruin the cameras.

This doesn't look so bad. OMG!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Go Back Go Back You Fool!!!!

OK, now it's starting to get slick.

Even the Roswell sticker is starting to complain about the rain

The mud was starting to get pretty sloppy here.

All that mud stuck in the wheel, This will make it interesting once back out on the highway.

Nice looking valley.

We went through there.

So happy to be back on pavement. From springtime campground to Silver City was 140 miles.

Now in Silver City. First things first, let's eat.

And then off to a Comfort inn and let are gear dry out.
First thing in the morning, went to the car wash.

Now we set off to the Gila Cliff dwellings, I hope those clouds don't get any closer.

The road getting there was alot of fun.


So I'm not a big tough biker.

As we left, we got hit by another rain storm. I tried to beat it out of the twisty area, but all I succeeded in was making Cheryl sick. the pegs were scrapping though.

Next stop was Glenwood were the Cats are.

Nice little slot that used to be mined in the day. I may be mistaken, but I believe I read that these catwalks were built on the old ore car tracks.

The welcoming committee.

Cheryl almost stepped on him while crossing the path.
We warned other passer by's of the danger that lurked around the corner.

And we continued skipping across the suspension bridge.

End of the trail. 1.1 miles.

Stayed in a musty old motel, we were just so tired of getting rained on. (Ironically, of course, it didn't rain this night - go figure!)
Next morning - Great breakfast, and cheap.
Also, a very entertaining place to come watch the locals bring their own coffee mugs, serve themselves, and start their day.

Back in Arizona. Can't believe that This little slice of heaven is only 5 1/2 hours from our house.

Not sure if these were wild horses, but really close to the road.

And that sums up our 5 1/2 day adventure. I honestly had no idea New Mexico had so much to offer.
Please give feedback as I'm heading down to Cabo on my xr400 and want to do a really nice RR.
Thanks for reading.

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