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We continued to head west towards the town of Guffey, CO. This is one of the many eclectic communities we would travel through along this route. A collection of 100 year old cabins and unique individuals just enjoying the life they have away from the rat race. As we came into town we were met by some very cool yard art in the form of skeletons.

Across the street was the tire repair shop/tee shirt/antique store.

This shot helps to remind folk that our route was on public roads but much of the land on either side was private. We spent much time opening and closing gates and crossing cattle guards. There were no bump gates like found in the Texas hill country. Our routine became one that I would ride up to the gate; dismount and open said gate; Perry would ride through and dismount followed by me; then Perry would close and secure the gate. It worked very well.

And this brings us to the first fall of the trip. We were riding through and area of plotted roads that had not been fully developed. Meaning they were overgrown and seldom used. Perfect. The route led us up to a locked gate, no problem. I rode up to the gate to check the status of the chain and lock. Sometimes they will try to fool you with a lock in the middle of the chain yet the chain is only handing on a hook on the post. As I came to a stop at the gate I put my right foot down on top of a small rock that proceeded to roll out from under my foot and over we went. : Of course I waited for Perry to get a good photo.

She was heavy to pick up as she was laying slightly downhill but I managed without assistance. The spot was perfect for this next photo. I'm glad I fell there and got this shot.

After a few recalculations of the route we joined the actual Continental Divide Route just in time to meet our first "Dividers". A husband and wife team from Denver. They had jumped on the trail in Abiguiu, NM and came north to get back home from a rally they had attended in NM. This was their first "off road" trip and they were having a blast.

You can see her smile inside the helmet. A normal condition among dirt riders.

We had covered this section of the route last year so much of the views were familiar as we approached Salida. A little water action.

Some great views of the Collegiate Peaks along the way.

And finally our destination for lunch in Salida, Amicas Pizza and Microbrew.

Yummy. A regular stop for us when in the neighborhood.

Having refueled both bodies and bikes we had to make one more stop for supplies that we either forgot or just needed to pick up for the next week on the trail.

Next: the rest of the first day.

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