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After a short run on the highway we got back onto the dirt on Marshall Pass. Another well maintained and well traveled dirt road that is popular among the leafers. Leafers: people who enjoy looking at the leaves changing color. In this neighborhood that means aspen leaves. And they were just starting to come into full golden color.

The first official crossing of the divide and the first posing in front of a sign. Don't worry, we didn't do this for every one but we had to include a few; it's tradition.

After the pass we took a short break in Sargents before heading south along the trail. The Tomichi Creek Trading Post has a well stocked store, a cafe, camping, and cabins that are reasonable if you are in the area whether riding street or trail. We weren't done for the day yet so we took a pass and continued on. This section of the road had some navigation challenges as the old roads had been replaced by a new, wider county road. We missed the turn since we were looking for the old roads. I spotted a two track road that followed a fence line that led to where we should be. After some consideration and spotting a set of fairly fresh knobby tire tracks in the ditch leading to the road I decided to give it a try and after about half a mile we were on the new road. It followed the old road pretty closely but would occasionally get far enough off the planned route that Karen would ask if I wanted to recalculate. On a ride like this that had preplanned routes you are best off to say no when asked to recalculate the route. The Zumo is not as powerful a mapping tool as Mapsource so when rerouting you can easily loose the planned route. If you think this has happened just go back and select the original route and you are back on the track you should be using.

Some of the scenery we passed.

The sun was getting low so I pulled up some preplanned camp sites from my "favorites" list and set my sights on Storm King Campground. A primitive campground provided by the US Forest Service. We pulled in next to a group of hunters out enjoying the muzzle loading season. We set camp in what light was left then started digging into our packs for supper. Perry sliced up some summer sausage, cheese and crackers. I had some Mountain House lasagna that I felt like re-hydrating to add to the meal. It's pretty good for de-hydrated food and I was itching to try my new compact stove.

It's based on the simple soda can stove but made from heavier gauge aluminum and riveted together so it is more durable and holds more fuel. I bought if from a guy on this very forum that makes them and sells them shipped to your for about $7. It burns alcohol fuel which can be purchased in the form of gas line antifreeze, Heet is one brand name, from most any auto parts store so fuel is readily available. It take less than an ounce of fuel to boil two cups of water. I thought I'd play around a little to show off the flame it produces.

Add the red light from my headlamp.

Fun to play with fire. :trust: We only covered a couple hundred miles but it was quality riding and good for the first day.


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