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The Aspens were changing, the bright yellows don't really come across good in these pictures.

Missed a turn somehow and found this, it shows up on the forest service maps. Turned around and came across a hunter, he told me where I missed my turn so off I went, it was a pretty scruffy looking road I should have turned on. Rain was still off in the distance to the west of where I was going.

It looked like this after it got better, easy ride, just enough variety to be interesting.

After a bit of that I came to the "rocky" uphill climb to the Brazos overlook, 1st and 2nd gear for what seemed about a mile, might have been less. Didn't think it would be wise to stop for a picture so when I got past the rocky section I stopped and walked back a ways to take a picture but I was at 10,700 feet and didn't feel up to walking up hill at that elevation so just took a sample picture to show what the rocks looked like.

Brazos overlook, rain was off in the distance to the west.

On past the overlook there was a section where a lot of trees had blocked the road but were recently cleared, should have taken a picture there but didn't, maybe next time.

Then I came out onto some high plains, lot of free range cattle out there. I love these places, just a little dirt road that disappears into the hills.

A bit of easy riding across the plains, then came a couple of aspen groves.

I was beginning to feel a few more drops of rain but it seemed most of it was still west of where I was headed.
More plains, notice the skys, gathering clouds and a few more sprinkles.
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