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Bluhduh Rain

I rode 50 miles south from Hwy 17, did pretty good until the last 3 miles. I came to a steep downhill switchback that the hunters had churned the surface on. I saw this coming, couldn't really stop, I thought to myself there was no way I was getting around that corner upright.

That surface is almost as slick as ice, four wheel drive with chains is the only way to do these roads when raining.

Finally got the pig picked up, put both wheels in the small ditch, figured that would keep the front from washing out again, worked for a while.

Raining pretty good now.

Made it 1 1/2 miles, halfway to pavement according to the GPS, doing pretty good then the front let go again, my foot got under the sidecase this time and twisted my ankle pretty good.

Couldn't pick it up this time, so I dragged it out of the middle of the road, nobody was coming up that road in the rain so I started walking. Made it to Hwy 64 in a bit over an hour, first guy that came by picked me up and gave me a ride into Chama. Spent the night in a motel, called my Roadside insurance to see if they would pull me out. KOA RV service, they sent a truck out from Las Vegas, NM, 150 miles to the southeast. They did pretty good but by the time they got there the road had dried out and a hunter had picked the bike up and parked it to the side of the road. I could have ridden the bike out and home, bad foot and all.
Rode the rescue truck to Las Vegas, spent the night in a motel, got up early and rode home, Oklahoma City by 3PM.

My route

My foot a couple of days later

Now a week later it is much better but it will be next summer before I go back.
All in all a good day, can't wait to get back.
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