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Day 3; Abiquiu to Cuba

The trail as it heads south from Abiquiu begins very easy on well maintained roads. We could really tell we were no longer in the mountains.

Long straight roads.

Then winding through low hills.

Then just past an intersection the trail became more challenging. We use this hill as an example. Deep ruts to the left, rocks and more ruts to the right. Pick your line and go for it.

We climbed up to a mesa top and the road went along the western edge. A fence a 50 feet of trees between us and the valley. The top was a mix of silt and foot deep ruts. We slowly picked our way through what firm lines we could find and plowed the silt when needed. Another hill with more ruts.

This section would be impassable if wet. The silt would become sticky muck and the ruts would fill with the same. We where there when it was totally dry and it was a challenge. Another section that the heavy trailies would find to be a problem. At the end we started winding our way down toward Cuba.

Lots more rocks. I stopped in the middle of a section that was about a mile long going downhill. First looking back up.

Then looking down the hill.

It was slow going in first and second gear. Another section where a heavier bike would be a handful. In the flatter parts there would be huge mud wallows that would swallow a jeep. Most had trails to bypass but too much speed could get you in trouble.

The terrain eventually smoothed out as we got lower in elevation.

At an intersection we took a break before heading down this red dirt road.

A BMW GSA flew by on the main road while we parked here. Way too clean to be doing the whole trail but he was riding dirt roads. Maybe he was local and knew how to get around the worst sections since he New Mexico plates.
We took the trial indicated and ended up at this gate. How do you spell trespassing?

A couple minutes studying the alternatives and we were back on track in just a few miles. The last section coming into Cuba is a super smooth and fast paved section of twisty turns that was a blast even though it wasn't dirt. Very fun. This was our choice for lunch in Cuba. Excellent bacon and cheese sirloin burgers.

Next: The desert

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