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Ah, memories

I did the exact route last year, but clockwise... We even stayed at the same place in Chibougamau.
For La Grande 2, you can take a guided tour, which we did - 16 generators in line are a sight!
We camped on your first Roupert river crossing, on the North road. Just before the bridge, there is a turn to the left, and we had a rustic site, with wood, and all that was super memorable. Shooting stars, and some small Northern Lights.
Another fun thing we did was to take the small ferry over to Fort George. Some Cree still live there in the summer for some of their festivals, only to go back to their houses when winter comes.
Very nice area which I am planning to visit again next year, there is something about the trans-taiga that I can not take my mind away from...
Nice report!
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