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Changing routes to tracks in winDGB3 - A tutorial

This is a follow up to Bashers thread on the same subject. His is in video form and this one is a pictorial tutorial. Bashers thead and this one are about how to easily and quickly it is to convert a route to a track using the powerful utility "winGDB3".

Why would you need to convert a route to a track? Three scenarios lend themselves to needing a track file.

1.) Let's say you've got this "great" route your buddy sent you but you need it in track form.
2.) Maybe you have taken hours to build a route in MapSource and now you realize you would prefer to use this route in your GPS as a track instead.
3.) You have a buddy that is going riding with you. His GPS only works with tracks and won't accept routes.

Do not let the length of this tutorial deter you. Do this procedure one time following the tutorial and I guarantee it will take you less that two minutes to convert your next file.

To use this tutorial you will need the following tools:

A version of MapSource with maps installed and unlocked
About 10 minutes of your time and a little patience


Open MapSource to a "new" window, this is done by clicking file/new.

Navigate to your route within MapSource. (Hint: If you have been sent a route via email all you have to do is open the email left click on the route and drag the route onto the MapSource window and drop it anywhere you like)

After you've chosen the project/route or have placed the route onto mapsource by dragging you will find the route listed in the route tab

Click the route tab and the project should display and look similar to this

Right click on the route name (left pane) and then click "Copy" or hit Ctrl+C, then minimize (don't close it) the window

Next you will open the winGDB3 utility. For the purpose of this tutorial we will work only on converting Routes to tracks. Once the utility is open you will see this screen

Next place the route in winGDB3 by placing it into the "clipboard menu" of the utility. To accomplish this click the "To clipboard menu" on the lower left of the window.

You will now be taken to the next page of the utility. Once on this page check to see that #11 is ticked

Next up is the actual conversion. Simply click the "Convert to clipboard" button

After the conversion you will see this window. Click "Ok" to close the window.

Now go back to the previously opened & minimized MapSource page where your route is already open.

[click to show pic]

Place your cursor onto the MapSource page (anywhere) and do "Edit/Paste" or Ctrl+V and you will see that the tracks are now converted and listed under the "track tab"

Open the track tab by clicking on it to verify that the track is there.

After checking the track tab navigate back to the "Route" Tab, right click on the route name, then click to delete the route.

You are now left with the track on the track tab and the waypoints on the waypoint tab.

At this point you are finished with the conversion UNLESS you need to limit the number of points in the converted track to a specific amount of points to accommodate your GPS.

For instance if your gps will not accept a track that is bigger than 500 points you can pre-the filter the route by using the "filter" option on winGDB3. Before you do the conversion as shown above simply tick the "filter" button and set the upper limit of points you want on your converted track.

Once you have set these options select the "Convert to Clipboard" button and proceed as shown above.

All that is left for you to do is to save the file. Save it wherever you normally save your map files. I save mine to a thumbdrive but that's up to you.

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