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Originally Posted by KatoomDownUnder
I have just gone through a similar drama with my 08 990 adv. after 4 days of pulling their hair out my local dealer got word from Austria that it would be the actual ABS switch on the dash. This is after replacing the speedo, ABS sensors and doing all the diagnostics.
Still considering how technical these bikers are today it's not suprising for these sorts of problems to occur.
That's really scary. I parked my 2008 Adventure for a few weeks. Everything worked fine, then got it out the garage yesterday for a ride and I noticed the ABS was going haywire. The ABS shut itself off a few seconds, then I noticed the speedo wasn't even close to being accurate. Next thing I know the speedo went to 0. Seeing as how I was passing cars I was pretty sure I was going faster than 0 MPH. After that I also noticed the odometer isn't working either.

I don't have a clue what to do to fix this. Unfortunately the dealer I bought mine from went out of business and the nearest one to me now is 45 mins away. All the cables look good on the outside and all the fuses are fine. So yeah, I have no idea what to do now.
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