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Tunesia Test

The last week of september, Frans and Fret trested in Tunesia. There is a report (in Dutch) on his website, plus some pics.

Thanks to Google

" We have a test last week and experienced training session in Douz in Tunisia. For the first time we took the entire team was in the desert, David Fretigne and Frans Verhoeven as drivers and Boy Olieslagers Juho Kirssi and assemblers. Team Manager Wolfgang Fischer was at the last moment before flown to France last WEC Juha Salminen going to assist in his BMW / Husqvarna. Even Ellen, my wife, it was for the first time in the desert while my parents to their children fit.

Coincidentally also had the KTM rally team this week was selected to do their tests in the warm temperatures of southern Tunisia.
So we sat the evening also like brothers in the restaurant of the El Mouradi Hotel.
We did test the known sites are divided so we do not collectively and they were driving too could come with us spying.

Tuesday we had to part with a fairly hard surface and gravel lots. There we can test the tuning of the WP suspension while new prototype Michelin tires to the tooth may feel.
We had a technical trial to sometimes very fast turned to us time and again through our assistance coach claimed that the engineers could follow it all.
The riders position on the engine is also greatly improved by some modifications made by OZZO Racing from Heeze.
Later in the afternoon we went to Ksar Ghilane, what an oasis surrounded by dunes, driven to a compromise on the suspension, between the hard and soft surfaces.
For 19 hours we were all together, a little tired but satisfied with the progress we had booked again, back in the hotel.
Wednesday was the infamous Chott test program where we have the whole day, from 8 hours, full throttle our circles have turned to the reliability of the test pads 450 cc.
A long boring day in the heat in full sun and happy a nice breeze for any possible cooling. I had a small circle plotted on the GPS of about 30 km on a piece of the Chott Jerid, north of Douz. A Chott that some 200 km wide, so plenty of room. Here we can try different configurations adjustment for Keihin injection and a new, specially designed for us HGS exhaust pipes, from the Dutch Lith test. Henry Gort House has a lot of effort into our G450RR the perfect outlet and that is it completely successful. He got him tested for his own HGS bench but in the field as a rider really feel how good it is.
At exactly 18 hours we were back at the hotel where we had a quick dip in the pool. That night there was some work for the mechanics to the engines ready for the next day because we had a race days are scheduled with liaison, and al

Morning so early on Thursday. Food and immediately 130km liaison from Matmata to Douz where the start of our trial was.
David wanted when he first started because the certainty that I was always behind him Sat The tank section was 147 km away from the oasis of Ksar Ghilane where the bus with the mechanics and Ellen, who days earlier worn had a bed by the pool at the hotel, we would be waiting with gasoline and some food and drink .
I've just waited 5 minutes before full house in the attack. It was a super technical, but quick test with lots of crushed stone and gravel which sometimes from one corner to another drive. Kei cool but be careful, because we were surrounded by mountains and if you go over the edge once it is 20/30 meters straight down. With the knowledge that there is no helicopter in the air with medical assistance, you are still especially careful and try to drive as clean as possible and yet to go fast.

In the first half of the part after about 78 km corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of David, but not where I expected. He was en 500 meters behind me. Later revealed that he had made a navigational mistake and just behind me, back on the right track came. I've waited so he well before me was not until I saw him again and went full house continued toward the oasis, where we arrived about the same time. We have tanked for the next 132 km and an equally rapid dive into the warm waters of the oasis and immediately continued towards Douz. Now a completely different area which only consisted of sand and dunes. This section was nearly constant at an average, cap 300, which prevented us from even a passable track to drive and always hors piste reason. This also was scheduled to similarly gather information about the temperature of our bikes in the dunes of course much less cooling get the speed a lot lower.
At the end of the afternoon we were back and have the evening meal just sit in the Soukh of Magic in Douz, Tunisia's our favorite restaurant.

With a lot of miles on our trip master and a lot of feedback we are on Friday again went away towards the cold north, about 25 degrees difference, which is still to get used if you do all day in a small 40 degrees working.
All in all, a very fruitful week for the Brain Speed / BMW rally team with Shamrock / Morocco rally first on the calendar in October."
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