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CRF230L crash damage mystery

Hey guys;
I picked up a 230L for the wife after she had so much fun on the back of our 990ADV offroad (managed to get a WR250 to go with that purchase but that is another thread)

Anyway, she locked the front brake on a gravel road when she saw one of these comming the otherway:

and hit the ground hard at about 20mph. At the time, other than a sore wrist, all seemed fine. When I was putting her bike away that evening I hopped on it and found that the steering is now almost 10-15 degrees off. Nothing is obvioulsy bent, the bars are true and even the hand protector clips are still in the same place they were before the fall. There are no signs of deformation in the cast pieces either.

The bike rides smooth and stable at speed but to go straight, you need to point the bars to the right. I've not taken anything apart yet to check for other problems so I'm looking for places to start.

One thought is fork tube length. The dealer slid the tripple clamps down the steering tubes about an inch to shorten the ride height a bit. I'm wondering that if the tubes slid a bit w/in the clamps in the crash or maybe when I strapped the bike to the trailor, if that could cause the wierd steering.

Any thoughts before I start tearing things apart?

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