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Laugh spokes braking vs brake squeeal

Originally Posted by burntflan
The front wheel on my '03 640 is driving me F#@ crazy. It squeals. It pops spokes. It refuses to stay true. I've changed the pads. Replaced the DID rim with an Excel. True it obessively. Although, I haven't popped a spoke in 8-days. I'm a hack mechanic who tries, sometime successfully, to fix everything myself but this time I think I may be over my head.
ktms are notorious for breaking spokes,,especially the chromed versions,,,they vie for that honor with 'bulldog spokes' and spline drive nipples,,,,

out east, an old yankee neighbor of mine had an eye opening quote he laid upon me one day...when i was trying to solve a problem using the the same ingredients,,,he told me...'woody,,,,its hard to make chicken soup out of chicken s...!!"

and thats what's happening to that front wheel of yours,,,changing the rims to suns or excels will minimize the routine bending ya hear about,,,buying better spokes will also improve your odds....

however i have an even better way...i call it ..SUPERLACE ing..essentially,,,,a combination of choosing an optimal combination of spoke/rim sizes/material,,,lace pattern and blueprinting your wheel,,when i'm through,,you will posses the toughest wheel around,,i guarantee my work for a year,,,customers are still riding around on superlaced wheels i built 30 years ago,,,,,i have used buchanans spokes bent and sized to my specs the entire time,,,you can spend the time you are currently using obsessing over that wheel of yours for more constructive endeavours....watching the scenery en-joy-ing your ride to name a few...

remember when you buy a spoke kit from buchanans they essentially sell you a replica of what was in your wheel,,,yes they may be a better quality spoke,,,, more often than not the solution is not to put a better band aid on the problem but rather figure out why am i having this probem to begin with,,,fiquring out a better way is my favorite domain,,,

as for the squeeling brakes can be rest assured there is no correlation between their squeeal and your snapping spokes,,,,brake squeel is a vibration set up beween the pads/disc and caliper,,,,cleaning /deglazing your brakes and pads with brake cleaner and fine sandpaper 300-400 grit is a good starting point,,,many brake pads have an anti vibration pad installed between the pad and the caliper piston...make sure it is there,,,and finally a dab of silicone placed between the piston and pad subdues the vibration that induces the squeal...holler if that helps

i have written many posts in recent time addressing numerous issues regarding bent rims, better wheels etc,,, you may find more answers there...

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