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Originally Posted by GNP77
Having just spent the last day and a 1/2 figuring out where to mount my HID ballast boxes, StarCom head unit and aux fuse panel, I actually think all the flat surfaces are great idea. The upper section looks like it would hold the Zumo as well.

I dig the utilitarian dashboard.
Well, at least someone likes it !! The back of the dash is an ideal place for the HID ballasts etc and we do this with the Lynx fairings.

It's a shame the photos tend to make the dash look more dominant than it really is. Personally, I am more concerned with the look of the GPS platform. We have measured up on a zumo and 276 and decided that the platform can be made smaller and still accomodate these GPS units. The idea is that the platform should hardly show at all when the GPS is mounted.

We'll keep at it !
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