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Sept 2, 2010 (Night Pre Trip)

Sept 2, 2010 (Night Pre-Trip)

I looked at my map earlier; I was not going to pack it as space was tight. So far so good (space wise) so I threw a coat of packing tape on it as a cover from the rains of the Pacific Northwest or plains cold front. “Critter II”, my 2004 VStrom 650 is mechanically prepared but hopefully my bent/weak Happy Trails racks will hold up. That, and I don’t know the last time, if ever, the swingarm pivot was lubed – special wrench needed. New wheel bearings in October perhaps. I suppose I should be asleep already but the prospect of relaxing on my couch to Nick Drake on the stereo and an oil lamp from which to write keeps me awake. The Dogfish Head India Pale Ale is a gift from Chris for putting up Andrew as a group of us repaired his wrecked CX500. He made it home in time for college while I selfishly go on my first vacation in two years. The first of its kind for me, I will be living on my mount for three weeks or more if I play my cards right. We will cover back roads, gravel, highways corkscrewing up intoxicatingly high passes. This trip of my design, may it come to bring extraordinarily unforeseen trails, views and lessons.

My gear layout. Not nearly as much stuff as people usually pack for CrossCountry

Critter II Compactly Loaded

Locally caught Trout, Rice, Veggies and a Dogfish Head IPA
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