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S10 Muffler, suspension link, and centre stand extension progress..

Hi folks.

I have recently been asked about the progress on my new muffler project and also about the availability of the suspension links, and, as I have just got a batch of laser cut products back, I thought I should report were I am at.

I have been flat out with deadlines on my day job (+ entertaining O/S relies) so progress has been slow on the muffler.

I finally got around to measuring for the muffler brackets on the weekend so I got the models straight off to laser and press and picked them up yesterday, along with some other bits and pieces.
It's school holidays here at the moment so movies with the grand kids this afternoon was quickly followed by a visit to a mates place (legendary TIG welder - Thanks Steve) to weld the muffler mount in position.

Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to collect all of the pipe bends and associated components to manufacture the tail pipe (cat to muffler) and I decided to step up the diameter of this pipe section from the OEM 45mm diameter to 51mm diameter.
This will help drop the DB's and the tone, and if the O2 sensors will handle the change and adjust, should produce a slight kick mid range and up providing the lesser back pressure does not scavenge.

You may notice that I had to rotate the pipe slightly so that the bend outlet faced away from the bike. It's a tight squeeze getting the pipe parallel with the frame and the gasses to escape with out turning the indicator into a molten lump of plastic

I also fitted a new tyre.
I really wanted Mefo's or Hiedenau's but we all know the problem there.
I reluctantly decided I might as well stick with the Karoo(T) as the front still had the life of another rear in it, and the Heidies should be available at the end of this current sets life span.

Someone asked the question about the availability of the suspension links?
During one of my visits with Mike from MotorradGarage I told him of my intention to cut a set of links for my bike. Mike commented that he would be interested in looking into marketing them so I cut a batch of links as well as a batch of centre stand extensions for the S10, and at Mikes request I also cut some S10 and 660 Tenere lowering links.
The raising links lift the S10 by 25mm and the lowering links drop it by 25mm.
Only the S10 raising kit will be supplied with the centre stand extensions. The 660 Tenere links lower the bike by 30mm as apparently there is a large demand for lowering that bike.
Anyway, Mike will have these links in stock soon and can advise price as soon as he gets back from Intermot.. (Lucky bastard).
I have no idea what he will be charging but I know they wont be too expensive or I wont make them for him.

I will report as soon as work has progressed further on the muffler and will also post some pics once I have welded the centre stand extensions in place.


P.S - Please excuse the messy workshop ... as I said, time is at a premium at the moment.
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