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Ian, I too would like to point out that it is a VERY nice fairing. I LOVE how the fairing itself looks. I just think that the dash part needs to be just as refined as the fairing itself. As it sits right now it looks like two completely separate designs. When the fairing and the dash gel as one, you'll be receiving my $500.

Also, on a side note. I would definitely use the upper dash part to mount my GPS. However, I'm concerned about rigidity up there. As in, if I mount my GPS to the upper dash, will it vibrate and wobble a bunch? Is the construction up there good and stiff enough to support the weight of a good GPS or other screened electronic device? If it does vibrate and wobble, it will make the GPS screen unreadable while the engine is running and while riding at speed due to wind hitting the fairing. It might be worth actually mounting a GPS or similar weight screened electronic device to test it out and make sure the upper dash part doesn't vibrate and wobble.
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