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Said Marc:
That said, management realizes that employees will visit various web sites and conduct occasional personal activities from time-to-time during the course of the work day. It is when the individual productivity level starts to become impacted due to abuse of this implied consent that trouble arises. Exactly where the line is is a judgement call for a reasonable person. This is just one of the many roles of a good manager.
Given the current and future job market, I now make it a rule not to do any non-business surfing or even emailing at any future workplaces. Workplaces may tolerate it, but it is just safer not to engage in it at all.

Once, some years back, when we were going to war with Iraq, I was in a training room and while waiting for the instructor I went to thinking this was the Fox network's site and that I could go to their new site from there. It turned out to be a porn site.

Anyway, I think havin a no porn rule here is quite reasonable; if you want porn there is certainly a lot of it out there on the 'net, much of it free. Keeping this website and forum free of it makes it a lot easier for the people running and paying for it. A lot of hosts require that website owners guarantee no porn on their sites, and those that allow it charge more for the priviledge. It is sad that erotica is equated with offensive scandal and even crime, but that is life in the prudish USA.

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