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Originally Posted by meat popsicle

Tough Love from Loaded again...

Woody, you have a price range for your superlacing jobbies? Many are very gun-shy of wheel upgrades because it usually runs in the thousands. Would you recommend superlacing/blueprinting the stock DID rims and hubs with upgraded spokes?

not trying to hem you into a corner or set prices, just thought that a little ballpark figuring would help folks consider your work.

Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
standard lace and rim to stock hub with stock spokes/nipples..$70

custom lace and true...any deviation using stock lace rim or spokes or nipples or hub....$80

SUPERLACE and true...the optimal blueprinted wheel,,,preseated spokes and nipples,,optimal lace patterns and spoke nipple year warranty against catastrophic wheel failure due to spokes loosening /breaking from normal use.......$90-99....

PS...'normal use'...does not include hitting a brick wall at 100mph and expecting me to replace and true your mangled wheels/spokes

when using EXCEL rims we have found,,the only way to keep the spokes from loosening is to SUPERSIZE the nipples.... .343",,spreads the load over a larger area,,,they are much beefier and we can torque them tighter..also cost a few bucks more

NOTE...we are supersizing all the big fourstrokes and adventure/enduro bikes these days because of all the extra punishment they take,,,what worked a few years ago no longer holds water nowadays,,,
riders are jumping mongo tabletops,,,and going much faster on fireroads and mountain passes with much heavier equipment,,,,,,,
i am continually on the cutting edge of providing tougher more durable wheels ,,,,you'll be seeing pics and reports from the latest customers shortly,,,
i am convinced that narrower tougher rear rims are part of the solution to keeping them from bending,,, we just sent out a SUPERLACED 1.85x21 front and 2.75x18 rear SUN combo on a 950 Adventure over the weekend...i have a sneaky suspicion he will be a very happy camper are we more expensive than buchanans???....
when you compare apples to apples we are slightly less on the labor end,,,sell sun rims and oem stainless steel spoke/nipple replacement kits for the same price...if i can source other rims for less money i pass that saving on to you,,,

MOST SUPERLACED wheels require custom spoke sets,,bent and sized to my specs by buchanan...they are a few dollars more as well as the addition of oversized nipples,,,...SUPERLACING..requires additional time in re-drilling and re-angling/countersinking the hub and rim,,not to mention additional time fiquring out all the specs,,,i can rebuild 2 regular wheels in the time it takes to superlace one of yours...SUPERLACING is my gift to the racers out pass the word

FYI....we have used buchanans' spokes and nipples for 32 years...have seldom occured any spoke failures attributed to their workmanship,,hence with my ability to put the right combos together i can offer you a warranty on what i do....and am currently working with another manufacturer who is designing rims and hubs with a one year warranty,,,and then i'll warranty the entire wheel!!!!!....i still have customers racing around in vintage mx and roadracing etc on wheels i built 30 years ago!!!...

years ago....when i cruised by buchanans with some of my handiwork,,,MR.Buchanan himself gathered his troops around and showed them my stuff..."Now,THOSE are some WHEELs!!!!!" he exclaimed....John Ulrich of Roadracing World/Cycle News/Cycle World upon receiving his Superlaced Ducati wheels calls me up ...."Those aren't wheels!!!...those are works of art!!!"

remember....i am committed to QUALITY...those wheels have to work as good as they look and look as good as they work,,,nuff said,,,and i'll let you all fiqure out who's the 'best'....woody can check buchanans prices ,,,
'crash' is putting together a website for soon you'll be able to get all the data straight at one place
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