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Thanks for all the advice. I've tried pretty much everything except for the SS spokes and the blueprinting, and will consider superlacing. I'm still not convincd the squeal and spokes are unrelated, as (and I may be imagining it) but I swear the squeal lowers in intensity after a spoke pops. How do i know, because since I've been paying attention, they almost always break when coming to a hard stop on a downhill (i live in SF so there's no getting around it). I've been lucky so far, ony once did one of the mothers flare out and get tangled in the rotor/brake assembly but I was going slow and all it did was take some meat out of a non-essential part of the bracket. I definitely don't want to experience the same thing at 70, so I'll try the ss spokes and if that doesn't work...

G.Kennedy is right. Covered the whole thing in a mud a few weeks ago, rode it home from Clear Creek and it didn't squeal or bust spoke until after it had a bath. Maybe that's the solution.

Question for Woody. All the broken spokes seem to on the rotor side.
Is that an indication of anything? That last time I had the wheel off I tried a little experiment and slightly overtorqued the opposite side and did the rotor side just at spec. It seems to have worked so far. Am I just spitting in the wind? Or am I on to something?

Also, if you don't mind another one, what do you consider to be acceptable run-out. I know a lot of threads say 1/8" but that seems like way too much. When I'm lucky I can get it to 1/100 side-to-side and 1/50 up and do

One more. Anyone in the Bay Area planning a day trip anytime soon? I just put on some TKC 80's and would like to get some more dirt on them before they're killed by the daily commute...

Wheel's the basics...
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