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We come to the famous mud puddle at the bottom of Warloop road. We have a good laugh but I know it has been very dry recently so the amount of water in this puddle is probably the lowest of the year. The ruts in the puddle look very deep so I can imagine after a good rain you will be up to your seat if you take the middle path.

This picture is from the west side of the puddle!

Not too far up the road we are bouncing over baby head rocks going up to a surprising concrete section. In the picture below you can see my bike to the right of the concrete. As far as I know the story goes that a resident along Warloop road began privately paving the road and it has deteriorated since. The worn concrete creates a large lip which is about 1 foot deep at the end. In this picture I am attempting to go around it and shoot up the side to a smoother transition.

I kind of get stuck on a rock and look back... Chris has shut his bike off and is starting to climb off it... not good. I stop trying to advance and go to see whats up.

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