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Here is a better view of where my bike is when I stop to help Chris. The ledge is where my Camelbak is sitting. I am pretty sure if I were to be coming down this section my F800 could easily clear the ledge without a problem and be down the rocks. This trail is easy compared to some of the stuff we saw in Colorado!

Chris is cursing.. really pissed off. All of a sudden his bike has no electric power at all, no spark. We discuss what it could be and pull the seat to check for fuses. Yep.. the main fuse is blow.

Not knowing what causes the fuse to blow is frustrating. Chris is extremely pissed that such a small item could cripple his bike only minutes into the ride. We have no spare fuses between us (hey! I am a mechanical engineer, not a sparky, I don't think of these things!).

Soon we settle into a plan to get the bike running again...
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