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Originally Posted by Dagofast

I have the Yamaha TTR125LE petcock on our DR200. I don't know about the Raptor unit, but the Yamaha unit is a direct bolt in, the outlet nipple is the same size as the original fuel hose on the DR and hooks right up. The only "mod" you have to make is to remove the vacuum line that goes from the carb to the old Suzuki petcock and place a rubber boot plug on the carb nipple. I bought a box of assorted sized plugs at Autozone for about $3.

As to the reserve, the Suzuki and Yamaha petcocks both have a dual tube pickup. (both are screened) One for the main and one for reserve. Going off of my memory, the Yamaha unit had a slightly shorter main pickup tube and the reserve tube was about the same. So you'll probably have a little more range on your main tank and a little bit less on reserve. If you are on road, the trip meter should give you all the info you need anyway. If you wanted to, you could probably rig up an extension for the main tube to keep the main tank range the same. I was way to lazy to care about it on ours.

Best of luck!
Thanks for this information!

I can confirm that this petcock is the way to go, not the Raptor model. The fuel line is the same size, there are no clearance issues and it's less than half the price. I did a not so careful comparison between stock reserve capacity and with this petcock and come up with about 3 ounces more reserve with this petcock than with the stock petcock. Aside from having to plug the vacuum line, it was a plug-n-play swap.

This petcock not only fits the TTR125LE, but also several small bikes and personal water craft - I found it for a tad over $10.

The part# is: Yamaha 23F-24500-11-00 - FUEL COCK ASSY 1 (4X8-24500-02-00)

Edit: BTW, the petcock comes with a new o-ring, no need to order separately.

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