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been playing with my welding "skills"... Blah. monkeyed around some more with Sketchup and got a decent model of what the pipe is 'sposed to look like:

I didnt build the first looonnnng cone. got the second cone, belly, baffle cone, and stinger fabbed up out of some junk steel i scrounged up. Used the box and pan brake to bend the cones and then finished them off on the stake table. Wanted to practice my oxy/acet skills, so I "welded" it all up with the torch. Came out so-so, not to bad for a first attempt at an expansion chamber.

No. The welds are not pretty, but they should hold!

Going to weld it on to the stock header pipe which I still need to measure to see if its the right length. Fingers crossed!!!

That would be kadepunch lending a helping hand. Hope to get the rest of it tacked / welded tomorrow. No school!

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