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So after discovering that Chris' mighty 640A has been crippled by a fuse, we decide to turn my bike around and I will go for some fuses. I ride down Warloop road from the ledge and back into town.

When I get to town there is a large gas station on the edge and I road up to the front door. Several groups of pirates are getting gas, chilling, etc around there and I get a lot of startled and confused looks I just love my F8!

I ask the clerk if he has any fuses and at first he dismissively says someone bought all of them. Seeing my dismay he leads me over to some random boxes on the side of the store with loose fuses. There are no large 20A automotive fuses but I keep looking and find a medley of fuses. Small 20As, large 30A, 25A, 15A, 10A. I grab about 10 of them and the clerk glances at them in my hand and asks a dollar for the lot. I proclaim these are very reasonably priced fuses and quickly speed off towards Warloop road.

Chris in the meantime has done little to reassemble his bike because we both know the fuses could blow the second we try to start it and we would be on the hunt for damaged wires.

We assemble the bike and it starts right up! Daylight lost, we make tracks up Warloop, crossing over it relatively easily.

Above the ledge and concrete it becomes a nice dirt road.

Along the way I am always on the lookout for prime remote camp sites. Places like this are great for pulling over and pitching camp after a hard days ride. In the Ozark forest you can do this anywhere you can find accommodating terrain. This is one that I marked with my GPS

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