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Thumb That stupid bloody grip heater control... Now mounted correctly

For an very clever country of people, the Japanese somehow loose the plot at times when it comes to the little things..
Who in their right mind would position a heated grip controller (especially the size of the Yamaha unit) up there INYOURFACE beside the left mirror.
I mean it's not like a flasher switch that needs instant access.

Anyway. I had always planned to move the controller from the recommended position to one that was a little more discrete.
Along with all the other laser-cutting that I had done earlier in the week, was this small stainless steel bracket to enable a move from the original position to below/beside the dash pod.

Here's what it looks like.
I didnt have time to powder-coat it and, as it is stainless steel, I just hit it with some satin black from a spray can.

Because of the location of this little bracket I had to remove the screen and headlight surround, remove the triangular dash cover, and change the top R/H headlight mount bolt for one slightly longer.

You can see here which bolt I am using to fasten the bracket onto.
The standard bolt was just a whisker to short to carry the bracket + a washer and nylock nut.

Unfortunately I only had stainless cap screws and no factory looking black hex bolts.. Wasnt I me that was saying anything is possible - you just gota plan ahead.

After re-routing the heater control wires above the headlight, I assembled the controller onto the bracket (zip tieing the wiring loom back to the underside of the bracket.

and positioned the bracket over the stud (already retained in a captive nut), and fitted a new washer and nylock nut.

I re-assembled all of the dash and headlight assembly and there you go.
No interference with any of the controls or cables at full lock in both directions.
Nice and discrete, a bit of a stretch but easy enough to reach although I generally have it on half or off.

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