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Just got a flat on my 19/17s in a construction zone. Now I have an excuse to do this mod!

While I'm at it I'm considering sealing the REAR 18" stock wheel, which I use for my off-road adventures clad with a knobby. It seems to me most flats happen on the rear, BUT, in Woody's post above I see the only knobby tire rated as "Tubeless" is the TKC80 (the TKC does not interest me). My fav tire is the Dunlop 908 which the sidewall says is a tube-type. DOH! Could/should I use the 908 as a tubeless tire??? Is it possible and/or advisable??? It would sure save some time, but I don't want to compromise safety tooooooo much (okay, maybe just a little. ). How about the MEFO rear? Is it rated tubed or tubeless? If it's tubeless it might be worth a try, I hear it's a great all-rounder tire.

Suggestions please. I'm DEF going to seal the 19/17's, just wondering if the 18" is worth it.
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