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Jarrett is home visiting from the Air Force for a week but I’m leaving on a business trip Monday so today was our only chance to squeeze in a ride together before he daughter Caitlynn joined us too....I promised Caitlynn we’d ride something close/easy/new(to her) and I wouldn’t make it too long of ride..
We loaded the bikes and drove over to Tamarisk Campground at to Grapvine/Jasper/Culp......breakfast at Jilberto’s in Borrego Springs....over to the copper creatures...then reverse track....nice/fun/scenic ~50 mile loop with breakfast break in the middle.....

ALWAYS fun to ride with the kiddos! Jarrett is off to Trashcanistan in January so not sure when we'll be able to do it again......

Bikes unloaded at Tamarisk Campground:

Let's get this party started!

First rest/water stop heading up Jasper TT

Caitlynn coming up Jasper Trail:

Jarrett wheeling up Jasper TT:

Jarrett has a hard time keeping the front wheel he is along Culp Valley TT

Lookout high above Borrego Springs on S22:

Breakfast in Borrego Springs at Los Jilbertos:

CA. Burrito Breakfast:

This pic proves I was there........breakfast shot at Jilbertos:

BIG birds in the desert:

Caitlynn doesn't look too enthusiastic? (and it was her idea!):

Cowboy Jarrett:

Elephants in the desert???......who knew?

Two Creepy Dinosaurs:

Three Creepy Dinosaurs:

Did I mention these cooper structures are BIG?:

Give yer sis a boost!:

Dinosaur Races:

More Dinosaur Racing:

Hanging with Da Dinosaurs:

Dinosaur goofing:

Those dinosaurs can be vicious....stepping on Jarrett and lifting Cailtynn to its mouth!

2 up on Culp Valley TT:

Jarrett self portrait with his sister:

Rest stop along Culp Valley TT......we rode up and down Culp a "Culpa" times trail

The Old Man coming up Culp Valley TT:

Caitlynn headed up Culp Valley TT:


Along Gravevine Canyon:

Intersection of Grapevine and Jasper on the way back to the truck:

Cold skunk beer (Coors Light) at the end of a days ride.....

Hope to see the boy again after his deployment late next Spring......glad we got to spend another day riding together.....
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