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The "TART" it ROCKS!

Well we made it back! We lost one rider due to severe allergies and what Bull dust did to them. Also, due to my reluctance to share the lead. My bad on the lead but we've since talked and everything is cool.

The dust was incredible! I have never seen dust like this! On the third day we lost another rider due to a holing his tire on a high speed gravel road run. The hole was the size of a very large guys thumb! 10 tire plugs on the hole weren't enough to hold it! (TubeLess system)

Overall all the bikes ran good!

So, is the TART worth the ride? Does a bear crap in the woods?

I clocked just a tad under 649 miles from Eldorado, AR to Blue Eye, Mo..

Part of the TART still needs ridden. I soloed from Gilbert, AR to Blue Eye. I ran out of time and energy so I will check out the last 60 or so miles in a couple of weeks. The tracks reside for the moment in my GPS and I will download them tomorrow and make the necessary changes.

What a ride. Right off the bat into 10" deep bull dust in the pine barrens, from there into the Weyhauser Forests, hunting leases, closed gates, re-routes, should of been re-routes, glad we didn't re-routes, washed out roads with 2-3 foot cravasses ready to swallow you and your bike up, berms, fences, poker, good friends and a little whiskey.

In short it was great! Some of the most technical riding I have done in many years and absolutely loved it!

Everyone I rode with were outstanding riders! There is one particular section around Lake Winona, AR that was absolutely exceptional! Joe and I came down off that mountain track and saw a guy sitting on the main road by his pick up (he was a check in station for a triathalon) I pulled up to him to ask if there was anyplace to eat in the vicinity. Before I spoke he said: "Did you guys just come off that mountain on your bikes?"

I told him we had. He shook his head and then said "You fuckers are out of your mind! You got a death wish?" that is the worst trail in miles.

Man was it fun!

More to follow.
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