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Loaded up the truck on Friday after work, and put the foot through the floor to West Virginia.

Despite the late bedtime and freezing cold morning, it was kickstand up by 8 A.M. Layla went boating.

US 19 North into Summersville

I took 39 east hoping to run CR 18 from Canvas to Odell Town. No go in spite of being depicted on the WVDOT maps. I figured out as I got closer to Nettie that I should have taken Ward Road. Next time. Gassed up in Nettie and headed south on WV 20. Took a left on CR 32 (I think) and ended up on top of Beech Knob.

360 degree view from out there.

I couldn't find a way to cross from Fenwick Road over toward Cold Knob. I ran down a number of dead ends. So I ended up in Rupert. Big Clear Creek looks like it would be a hoot as a whitewater run. US 60 west to Shawver's Crossing. Left on CR 8. Left on scary mine road. With some perseverance, I made it to the top of Cross Mountain, or what's left of it.

Fun stuff and very reminiscient of where I learned to ride as a kid. I rode down the north side of Cross Mountain and used solar navigation to wend my northward. Huge potential out there. I ran down several side tracks that were delicious, but being alone, I turned around where things got interesting. No thanks. Maybe later.

I made it! The wind farm.

Not so fast, big guy! After lunch, I ran around this area coming to dead ends for over an hour. These roads are good for 50 mph, so I missed a few turns.

Eventually, I worked my way over to Cold Knob and the Greenbrier Road. No view from the top of Cold Knob, but I ran into some other dual sporters and a kid on a motocross bike.

I headed to Richwood via the South Fork of the Cherry.

The rest of the day ended up being pretty much pavement. Meh. I was still having fun.
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