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Originally Posted by h8chains
john, i was told by jim to that you guys will meet at spunky. didn't know until dennis told me that you guys decided to deviate from the original plan and took the high road. i myself will be happy to join you and want to that high road if i knew.

i have no idea who elses are with you. meantime, ktmami was worried that alon was still in rowher. sito, ktami, and i went back to rowher and look for alon and whoever was with him. in the process we wasted a good hour and eventually lost sito.

we all know having a big group is like herding cats. situation like this, we need to stay on course and maintain good communication. breaking away from the group is ok with me, as long you guys personally tell me or let us know in advance before the start of the ride. having different agendas does not work well in a big group.

to all, whenever possible, when we plan the ride, we ride the plan..
Yep. We met at Spunky, as per the plan...
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