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Originally Posted by child
@#*&^ LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE OLIVER, makin me look like some kinda illtraveled bafoon!!! Wise guys, allofya.

Haha, we all know that if you haven't been there on two wheels, you never really experienced it.

On to the next installment...

At this point after passing through the campground we were on a real road, no more trail. It was pretty obvious many people had come up to this area to relax and camp out, no surprised considering it was amazingly peaceful!!

Further down the road stuff starts to get hairy!

I find myself bouncing over some rocks, nothing too bad, we had done this type of stuff in Colorado...

All of a sudden they start to get bigger and looser, I think I accidentally grab a bit of throttle while bouncing and the bike rockets and flips 90 deg in the air into a fucking tree!!!

I have a still image in my mind of the bike stopping like a cartoon, directly in the tree and my body flying through the air. I was looking at the bike and didn't see what I landed on.

Instantly I feel pain throughout the left side of my body and I'm stunned. First thing I think about is the bike and I hear it has stopped running. I hear Chris yelling asking if I'm alright and after a few seconds I feel all my limbs and shout back that I'm OK.

Of course Chris starts with the pictures before I am even firmly on my feet, what are ADV friends for?

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