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Heading out of Richwood.

If I'm overdoing it with the photos, please let me know. But be gentle, please.

OK, so it wasn't ALL pavement.

FR 86 all the way down along the Williams River is paved now. Good for the stream.

I followed the Williams down to the Gauley. At Camden on Gauley, I came up behind a Chevrolet flatbed with a 10'X6'X6' load of 2X4s. The DRZ could keep up, but my Tacoma would have been working to keep up with this rig.

At Craigsville, I headed toward the river hoping to catch CR 5, which DeLorme depicts as paralleling the river and touching the top of the canyon. I ran a really neat road that appears to have been redirected because that was as far as they could drag that trailer.

One of the dead ends will bring you to this cemetery.

However, punching through along the Gauley wasn't happening. I ended up back in Craigsville and ran 55 back to Summersville and down 19 back to camp.
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