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On the 3rd and my final day the ride started out on pavement. After almost an hour Charlie pulled over and said, " I can't believe it. This was dirt 2 years ago!"

While the roads were chip seal they were narrow, tight and tasty.

And then we found the National Forest roads!

After a treacherous up and downhill that left us gasping and cramping we came upon a race volunteer for the Raid the Rock rally.

When Charlie came out of the woods he asked if we rode the trail. Charlie said yes and he replied, " You Guys are Fuckin Nutz!".

We had lunch and a little later I had a blowout. I thought at first I had passed a squirrel hunter as he fired a small bore shotgun but at the next curve the rear end felt loose.

I wiggled the bars and knew it was flat. Since I was running about 60-65 and it was hot and out in the open I ran on it until I got to some shade a couple of miles later. I left a message for Charlie and pulled out the plug kit.

Before I could dig out my compressor {the compressor that Doc kneels to every time he see it} a 30 year old pickup stops and 2 fellows get out.

The older [Grandpa] asks if I need anything. The younger [Grandson] asks if I have air.

Before you can say "Squat!" they've plugged in their compressor and dug out their plug kit.

Charlie pulls up to help and I stick in 8 or 10 stings. On the 2nd try it holds air!

The locals wouldn't take any $ for helping and gave me some extra plugs.

I fired up Red and hit pavement about 2 miles later. Just South of the Arkansas river at Toad Suck I felt the rear get loose again and pulled over.
I told Charlie I was out as the hole was too big to plug. Charlie had already called around looking for a tire and Conway was shut down for Saturday afternoon. Gus had offered his new 606 {Thanks Gus!} but the logistics were wrong.

I bailed and headed for Conway.

My wife was in the air returning from a conference so I couldn't call her until after I got to the 125 exit on I-40.

While I was waiting I saw this,

I looked everwhere for Gus but didn't see him.

Thats all folks! [YFF's]
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